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Welcome to my GitHub Page!

Version: 2020.01

Here you’ll find my current (public) projects that are published to GitHub as well as a short description about them and status. If you’re looking for my main page (where I actually did all the code myself), you can find it here


Ongoing (repo)

Requirement management application initially developed as a group project, but is likely to start receiving more updates to actually make it useful.

School Schedule

Ongoing (repo)

App for Android and iOS used to manage your school schedule available for Swedish schools using KronoX. It also supports booking resources. Made in Dart using Flutter and one of my first projects using it. Also one of my largest projects.


Beta (repo)

A virtual bank app useful for games where you have fake money. Designed for Monopoly in mind, but works with other games of course. Currently in beta since most features work, but it’s not very stable yet. Currently being rewritting in Flutter, because Xamarin is too buggy and limited.


Ongoing (repo)

Open source and cross platform for managing Steam chatrooms. Also supports sending messages to and from a Discord channel. Finished, but receives updates from time to time. A 2.0 update is planned though, with a mostly complete rewrite with added support for multiple user interfaces. That way we don’t need to use WinForms for all platforms and actually make it look good. Stay tuned.


Beta (repo)

My Steam chat bot used for various stuff. Recently decided to open source it with the re-write of it in C#. You can find the bot that runs this code here.

Finished (repo)

An Android app to upload images to Currently supports both uploading from the app or from the native share menu. Requested by a friend of mine. Not very likely to receive any more major updates.


Planned (no repo yet)

The public version of my 2D game engine. Currently making some changes to make it easier to port to other platforms and such before I make a repo for it, but stay tuned.